By Dr. Kevin Gill
July 18, 2016
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Find out how getting cosmetic dentistry in Pasadena, TX can help you.

If you are looking to get a smile makeover then why wouldn’t you turn to our cosmetic dentists for help? Learn more about cosmetic cosmetic dentistrydentistry and whether it’s time you scheduled a consultation from your Pasadena, Texas cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Gill.

It enhances your smile

Really wish your smile were whiter? Dreaming of closing up that gap between your front teeth? It’s amazing how much cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile. From minor corrections like covering and repairing small chips to full, restorative makeovers our Pasadena cosmetic dentist Dr. Gill offers everything your heart could desire to give you a more attractive smile.

It improves your smile’s function

While the main goal of cosmetic dentistry is to boost the appearance of your smile did you know that cosmetic dentistry can also improve how your teeth function? Consider this, if you have teeth that have chips and cracks, or even teeth that are worn down, this can affect the overall strength and integrity of the structure over time. By opting for cosmetic dentistry options like dental bonding or porcelain veneers you can often strengthen teeth.

It’s a boon to your oral health

If teeth are crooked or misaligned it can make it difficult to reach every spot to brush and floss away plaque and food particles. As a result, you may be more likely to develop cavities or gum disease. But with certain cosmetic enhancements to straighten your smile you can protect your teeth from falling victim to common dental problems.

It instills confidence

A beautiful smile is easy to show off, but a damaged smile isn’t a happy one. Getting cosmetic dentistry from our Pasadena, Texas cosmetic dentist Dr. Gill can change all that. Enjoy showing off that whiter, straighter and more beautiful smile. Go ahead!

Ready to discuss your cosmetic options? If so then call Dr. Gill in Pasadena, Texas today at (713) 947-0293 to schedule an appointment with us.


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