By Dr. Kevin Gill
May 04, 2016
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The facts about dental bonding procedures

Do you want to fix how your teeth look quickly and easily? Well, now it’s possible with a technique called dental bonding. In fact, most dental bonding can be done in one appointment, so that you and your smile look great in a minimal amount of time. If you have several Bondingareas done, your treatment may require additional appointments depending on how many teeth you have bonded. Dr. Kevin Gill in Pasadena, Texas wants you to know the facts about dental bonding.

In most cases, dental bonding doesn’t require anesthesia. The fact that there is no numbing shortens the length of time needed and Dr. Gill can get more treatment completed.

Your treatment begins with Dr. Gill applying etching solution to create tiny holes in your tooth surface to retain the bonding material. Dental bonding uses composite, a tooth-colored liquid resin which Dr. Gill will sculpt perfectly to match your teeth. The composite is hardened with a high-tech curing light. As a last step, Dr. Gill will polish your new bonding to perfection. The cosmetic issues that bothered you will be gone and your smile will look reshaped and renewed.

Dr. Gill wants you to know dental bonding can fix some minor cosmetic issues including:

  • Closing small gaps and spaces due to genetics
  • Repairing small chips and cracks in your teeth from trauma
  • Restoring heavily worn teeth from a poorly aligned bite
  • Improving the appearance of rotated or slightly overlapped teeth
  • Changing the color of stained, discolored or yellowed teeth

Dental bonding is the easiest, quickest restorative treatment to improve the look of your smile. You don’t have to be satisfied with a less-than-perfect smile when help is just a phone call away. Call Dr. Kevin Gill in Pasadena, Texas and get the smile you’ve been waiting for. Call today and be on your way to your new smile!


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